Building Healthy Communities

Building Healthy Communities


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Data presented in the Health Profiles are just the tip of the iceberg. Additional estimates are available upon request. 

Learn more about how to obtain additional data. ​

Building Healthy Communities

Over the next 10 years, 14 California communities are working to radically improve the health of their residents with support from The California Endowment. To understand the health challenges facing these communities, the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research was asked to collect health data as part of the 2009 California Health Interview Survey (CHIS 2009). This health data will be invaluable in helping to measure and understand the successes and challenges faced by this innovative experiment in "Building Healthy Communities" over the next decade.

Get BHC Data

See and download individual PDF "Health Profiles" for all 14 communities participating in "Building Healthy Communities" (BHC). The Health Profiles describe the health of adults age 40 and younger, parents, teens, and children living in each of the 14 BHC sites. See all 14 BHC Health Profiles or learn how to obtain additional data

BHC Data Collection

Read about how data were collected in the BHC sites. Learn who participated in the survey, what questions were asked, and how to cite the data. Learn more about BHC data collection and methods.

About BHC

In 2010, The California Endowment launched a 10 year initiative to improve the health of 14 communities in the state. This involves efforts to improve employment, education, housing, neighborhood safety, environmental conditions, access to healthy foods and other things. The goal of this initiative is to create neighborhoods where children can be healthy, safe and able to learn. To learn more, visit the BHC page on The California Endowment's website.

About CHIS

CHIS is the nation's largest state health survey and one of the largest health surveys in the United States. The CHIS Web site offers free data files, as well as quick, customized health statistics via its easy-to-use tool, AskCHIS. Additional Health Profiles on California counties, regions, the state and other geographic areas are also available. Learn more about CHIS.


BHC Factsheets

Building Healthy Communities (BHC) data have been used to create Fact Sheets examining current health issues in greater depth. Fact Sheet topics examined include eligibility for health insurance expansion under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), physical activity,  access to parks, dietary behaviors and food environment.