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CHIS in the News

A leading source of data and expertise on health

CHIS data and experts from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research are featured in hundreds of media outlets each year, on topics ranging from California's health care reform efforts, to President Barack Obama's health plan, to Los Angeles's fast food moratorium.

Recent News Articles featuring CHIS data (Selected)

The Huffington Post Why Some People In America's Salad Bowl Are Eating Junk Food
Tincture The ACA Allowed Me to Pursue My American Dream
​Los Angeles Daily News  When You Don't Speak The Same Language As Your Child's Doctor
The Runner
The Business Journal
Local Dentists Team with Project Save a Mouth
Public. ​CSUF's Shana Alex Charles Guests on KPCC to Talk Health Insurance
El Nuevo Herald Cuando Los Padres y el Pediatra No Hablan el Mismo Idioma
Williams Pioneer Review
Survey Finds Tobacco and Alcohol More Available than Milk and Fresh Fruit
California Health Report
California's Poor and People of Color Benefited Most From Health Care Reform, Report Says
California Broker ACA Repeal Could Cost California More Than 200,000 Jobs